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Buy  a Barcode with instant delivery which is perfect for both online shops and standard retail shops.

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Buy a Barcode so that you can list your products for sale online and also sell your items in standard retail shops. Our barcodes currently feature on thousands of products for sale in well known retailers such as Amazon, Halfords, iTunes, Ebay,, to name but a few, but also in small retailers such as your local corner shop. In short if they they use the barcode system for selling goods, there may well be items using barcodes bought from us. We are a UK registered business and have been selling barcodes for years.

Buy A Barcode from us and you will receive the barcode number and the artwork (that image with the black lines on) instantly. We also provide the corresponding UPC number for free. So buy the EAN Barcode from us and receive the UPC barcode number for FREE.